Looking for something fun and different to do over holiday break? Pip’s Island could be the answer!

Pip’s Island is a live show for kids which allows them to be a part of the experience. The children (and their adult companions) don’t simply watch the actors on a stage. Rather, they are completely immersed into the show and engage with the actors. In fact, there aren’t even chairs for the kids as they’ll be moving throughout the experience the entire time.

Kids will step through a magical tree portal where they’ll meet new friends Pip, Finn and Pebble. Together, everyone will move through this play experience to earn Spark badges by completing activities and puzzles. They will learn about the Island’s Guardian, Amperes Wattson, and his struggle against his twin brother, the dark and powerful Joules Volter.

The show promises several benefits to its participants including social development through teamwork and bonding; cognitive development using a STEM educational philosophy; emotional development by exploring feelings such as joy, fear, sadness and pride; and interactive play using imagination, dazzling props, and toys. Children will also learn the importance of a sense of social duty by working together with others toward a goal. By working together to earn their Spark badges, the children will feel a sense of accomplishment that they can use, along with the skills they’ve learned, back home in their real world.


Pip’s Island is suitable and accessible to all children, and can be a “positive, entertaining and even therapeutic experience for children who have learning disabilities, special needs, or are on the autism spectrum.”

This unique and interactive experience will run only through January 8, 2017. There are multiple timeslots available throughout the day, beginning as early as 10:00 AM and as late as 6:00 PM. There are also times available on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Located at Skylight Modern (537 W. 27th Street, NYC), tickets are $50 per person. All participants must have a ticket which can be purchased online or by phone.


This show is recommended for children ages 4-10, though older children are welcome to attend. Toddlers and babies cannot be admitted to the experience. The show is 60 minutes long and you should arrive 15 minutes early. There is a coatroom, café and retail space on site.

For more information about Pip’s Island, including a trailer and other videos, an explanation of the characters you’ll meet along the way, and to buy tickets, visit the website.