The Township Council last week introduced an ordinance that bans parking at the end of Mount Vernon Road, in order to prevent dog-walkers from illegally parking to get to the dog park at Brookdale Park. LINDA MOSS/STAFF


The Township Council last week introduced an ordinance that bans parking at the dead-end of Mount Vernon Road, a measure taken after residents complained that dog-walkers were illegally parking on their street to get quick access to the canine facility at Brookdale Park.

The action by the council follows many meetings with residents and studies and recommendations made by the Township Police Department regarding the street, which is adjacent to the Essex County park and near to its dog park.

The ordinance prohibits parking at the Mount Vernon Road dead-end from the north curb line for a distance of 25 feet and 9 inches south to the south curb line; and on the north and south side of the street from the first 90 feet and 6 inches west from the boundary of Brookdale Park.

Police Lt. Stephanie Egnezzo, the department’s traffic bureau commander, in April submitted a list of recommendations to alleviate traffic problems on not only Mount Vernon Road but also two other streets that dead-end onto Brookdale Park, Chester Road and Gordonhurst Avenue. She suggested that there be no parking allowed at the easternmost end of all three streets, but the ordinance that the council introduced only affects Mount Vernon Road.

Egnezzo’s list of recommendations also suggested prohibiting parking on the south side of Mount Vernon, but that wasn’t incorporated into the ordinance, either.

The lieutenant worked for months with Mount Vernon residents to address their concerns about people speeding down their short street and blocking their driveways when they visit Brookdale’s dog park, accessing it at the end of the dead-end street.

Last week the council also introduced an ordinance that will place parking meters on Label Street between Depot Square and Frink Street.

Jaimie is an award-winning journalist and editor.