The house at 31 Marquette has been empty since 2010, when Richard and Cynthia Murphy became known by their real names, Vladimir and Lydia Guryev. The FBI raided their home and the world discovered that a pair of Russian spies had been living in Montclair. Their story was the inspiration behind the spy drama “The Americans.”

Now, the abandoned home that became an eyesore for neighbors and was first listed back in 2013, finally sold in June for $340,000, a price that is below market for the street. The “Murphys” had purchased the home in May 2008 for $481,000. CNN catches up with some of the Murphy’s Marquette Road neighbors seven years later.

4 replies on “Montclair Spy House Finally Sells”

  1. Has the township collected any taxes on this property since the federal government took it over? Are the new owners responsible for any back taxes due?

  2. Boris and Natasha vacated the premises long ago, walter. I am guessing that the Feds haven’t paid a single dime in taxes. Are they responsible for doing so? That said, the Kushner’s are players in the NJ real estate business and seem to have a direct connection with the Kremlin. You might want to ask the son-in-law of our POTUS.

  3. silverleaf: recent quote from Drumpf Jr.: “I did NOT have espionage relations with that woman”

  4. Lol, STQ. Seems Bubba and the Drumpf’s have at least one thing in common, and it ain’t Russian adoption!

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