What do Peppermint Fatty, Oprah’s Favorite Fanny and Peanut Butt’r Booty have in common? They are some of the menu items at Dairy Air Ice Cream, a new ice cream shop at 521 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair with a twist — liquid nitrogen used to make Nitro Cream desserts, as well as flaming ice cream sandwiches and over-the-top sundaes.

But the store is getting a lot more attention for its name and mascot logo, than for its ice cream.

Online Facebook groups have been buzzing about the store’s suggestive image of a sexualized cow on its promotional materials and the names of the menu items to match. Amy Tingle of The Creativity Caravan, posted an open letter to the store on Facebook and said she will be dropping off a hard copy at their location. Tingle urges anyone who feels the same way to cut and paste her words and send a letter to the store:

To the owner and the marketing team at Dairy Air,

I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider your logo design and to remove it from your packaging, storefront, marketing plan, etc. It is offensive and sickening. A hyper-sexualized, obviously female cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up, waiting for what? I’m not sure, but I do know that I am repulsed and offended.

This kind of marketing scheme is the reason we currently have a sexual predator in the White House. Because we have let ideas like this one pass with approval again and again and again. Because women (and men) have sat passively in marketing meetings and have not spoken up when ideas like this one are presented. Because no one spoke up in your marketing meeting and said, “This is wrong.” This is offensive, not just to women, but to husbands and fathers and brothers and uncles and grandfathers who are trying to raise strong young women in a culture that continuously sexualizes them rather than treating them equally, with dignity and respect. Instead of making girls and women feel safe and authentic, we are made to feel – by ads and logos like yours – as if we are things for someone else’s sexual use.

Sell your ice cream on its own merit. Sell your ice cream because it is delicious. Sell your ice cream because it is unique and it is made in a way other ice cream isn’t made. Sell your ice cream because it is a good product sold at a good, fair price point. Do not sell your ice cream by selling me out, and by selling out my collective body of women allies. Do not sell your ice cream by sexualizing us.

Reconsider your logo design and take some time to honestly consider the feelings of women in Montclair and the surrounding area, this country, the world. Consider the young girls and boys who will step through your doors and consciously or subconsciously believe that this is kind of sales pitch is okay.
It is not okay. It has never been and will never be okay.

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  1. Much as Trump keeps dangling the bait for the Dems to swallow, it’s not dissimilar to the massive publicity that this questionably insensitive logo is stirring up locally. I wouldn’t have known this place existed if were not for the free publicity. I wonder if it’s better than Big Gay Ice Cream?

  2. Thank you Amy, I will now make sure to give Dairy Air a try. If you’re there protesting, maybe we can share a cone

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things like working together to solve bigger issues. It’s also why those in the real world outside the Montclair bubble laugh at us and do stupid things like vote for Trump. Get over yourselves and do something that matters with your energy instead of flailing about with your superiority complex and indignation.

  4. Instead of derriere (dairy air) I guess they could have called it Cow’s Ass. At least we would have a vague idea what time it is…..

  5. I once saw a BBQ place with a sign of a pig in overalls eating a rack of ribs. I was aghast that they were promoting cannibalism. That’s why we have a cannibal in the white house!!!

  6. Just the latest, and so far might be the most ridiculous, example of Political Correctness run amok in our fair city!!
    Lighten up people! Get a sense of humor !

  7. I don’t think a cow cartoon sexualizes me or my body. And wanting to try this store & their ice cream certainly doesn’t make me a trump supporter. I will continue to be outraged at people who fail to use their blinker when turning their car

  8. This is asinine. Reminds me why I wrote off the ultra liberal nuts in the 90’s. Of course now, these ultra liberal nuts are preferable to the insanity in the White House, but I digress. We have real issues to contend with both locally and nationally. No one is more acutely aware of women’s issues than my wife, and even she laughed like hell when she read about this new business. Yes, I’d agree – lighten up and focus on the big picture, people.

  9. I object to the female merchant who first raised the objection of the Dairy Air.

    “It is offensive and sickening,” Tingle wrote. “A hyper-sexualized, obviously female cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up, waiting for what?”

    It is very offensive that Ms. Tingle sees an ‘obviously female’ cow. Who’s to say that the cow is not transgender or genderqueer or non-binary. Or is a male cow that identifies as female. Or a female cow but in this instance identifying as a hypersexualized male?

    Very closed minded thinking, not what I would have expected from Montclair.

  10. Ironic that she owns a business called creative caravan- does she want to censor what her little art students create as well?

  11. Baristanet, NYPost, NJ.com, and all the offended readers took the bait. Hey, let’s launch a new ice cream shop in November and, by the way, we’ve got a catchy name. Wait, let’s create 2 logos, we will keep the obnoxious one inside and on the cups, you know the one that will drive the initial buzz and controversy. We’ll put the ‘real’ logo on the outside. After the initial buzz, we run with the logo on the outside. People will hate it, people will love it, people will talk about it, people will come. Think like a marketer and you will stop falling for this type of nonsense.

  12. Much more importantly, the ice cream here is terrible and very overpriced. It’s why they needed a shtick like this to hide behind.

  13. Someone get this Amy chick a sense of humor. This is her big stand in life….lol. also a lesson in marketing, some of the greatest products/companies use over the top campaigns to sell their products. Also hypocrite, didn’t stick to the merit of her argument against the logo in her letter. Had to take a shot at POTUS while discussing and ice cream shop in Montclair NJ….weak

  14. Why doesn’t Amy Tingle is using a sixty woman with her breast out with visible nipple on a cigarette pack to promote her book. Check it out on her Instagram page.
    I’m offended that’s she’s offended because she’s doing the same.

  15. https://www.gofundme.com/dont-have-a-cow-man-or-do

    hey everyone…. my life long friends have been wrongly attacked for their ice cream logo that a woman says is too sexy. As you know, she has broadcast this unfair and untrue information to many news affiliates to hurt their business. And the hypocrisy of it all is that this woman sells “art” of nude women, shirtless men with strawberry shortcake and even men with nipple tassels !!! So I’ve created this go fund me page to help them fight against this atrocity set upon them to help pay for lawyers fees and increased marketing costs due to the damage that this woman has caused. Please donate if you can and help my friends out. Thank you in advance!!!


  16. Let’s hope in this “snowstorm” that Diary Air and Pretty Kitty are cross-honoring gift cards.

  17. My mistake. I omitted the Creativity Caravan from the hopeful cross-honoring scheme.

    I have to admit Montclair is all that. Go blue.

  18. The name IS tasteless (I read on Facebook that the motto was “better between the buns…” hope that’s not true!), which I guess is evidence of the kind of culture we live in, the same soup made of idiocy and crudeness that gave us Trump.

    In fairness, and to ensure I cast stones at both sides, I was thinking that the allegations about the nipple tassels and nude women was made up but nope! There they are, right on her web site. Definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    We don’t need identity politics to say all this is in bad taste and for $9 a scoop,
    save your bovine buttocks ice cream, I’m going to Applegate Farms.*

    *see, most successful ice cream shop in the area and they don’t need to be tasteless, do they?

  19. It might no be popular or PC, but I agree with my wife, but I think the logo is funny. If you SJW’s really care about the serialization of women and little girls try walking by a Victoria’s Secret or Icing store in your local mall.

  20. The dismissiveness, derision, and scorn expressed in many of the comments here are EXACTLY why certain men will be left behind in the new marketplace. But beyond that, it demonstrates a disturbing lack of empathy and complete disregard for the experiences of a group of people who have been mistreated and marginalized throughout history. I hate to tell you this, but empathy is a crucial part of social intelligence. And in a service economy, if you don’t have empathy, you cannot thrive professionally. Beyond that, without empathy, your relationships will SUCK. Not to mention YOU come off as whiny, lugheaded, and SCARED. Of the latter, I will say: BE SCARED. Because you are on the way out…:)

  21. Yes, societies. Look on the bright side – even as a female, you share the top of the food chain (yes, yes, unequally). Another take on Me Too.

    Too bad for the cows, the pigs, the chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese.

    Hard to measure that evolution needle thing, isn’t it?

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