Saturday was the one year mark of the Trump administration. Around the USA, and in many locations around the world, millions of people marched to ensure their feelings about policy, values, and hopes for change were heard. The rallying cry was Power To The Polls, and voter registration and encouragement to run for office were highlighted.  Local participants marched in Morristown to join fifteen thousand compatriots for the main New Jersey march. BlueWaveNJ sent five buses to Morristown alone. Other Montclair residents marched in NYC, and still others travelled to Washington D.C. to assert their First Amendment rights.

“I marched to nurture and continue to build our diverse community through non violent resistance, love and respect. I marched to continue what our mothers and grandmothers have taught us for future generations – woman’s rights are human rights. I marched because as we build our communities, we have the power to impact social change and remind ourselves that freedom and democracy is worth fighting for.” — Linda Brumbach, marched in Morristown.

“I marched with my daughter to show her that the power of people, especially women, CAN and will make a difference. That the energy, ideas and bonding of women is a powerful thing and that while it may not seem like it helps immediately, you walk away with a feeling of power and a reason to do what you can to make a difference, no matter how big or small it may be.” — Molly Brennan, marched in Morristown.

“My wife Reubena Spence and I attended the 2018 Women’s March on NYC to be part of a strong united front that called for equality, justice and civil rights for women, immigrants, people of color, the poor, the disabled and the lgbtq community! We also were there to fight back against Trump and the right wing administration that attacks all these communities daily! There is power in numbers and change happens through protest and visibility!” — Madeline Gale, marched in NYC.

“I marched for her.” — Laura Torchio, marched in Washington D.C.

Some residents chose to abstain from marching for various reasons including feeling overwhelmed, focusing on family obligations, and feeling like the march and its organization didn’t represent them or their values. Did you march on Saturday? Let us know why or why not in comments.