Effective February 20, another Montclair liquor license became inactive — until it finds a home. The license serving both Dai-Kichi and Upstairs, owned by Montclair Food USA Corp, has been transferred to Montclair 401, LLC, for $1,250,000, according to Juliet Lee, Montclair deputy municipal clerk. Robert G. Previdi was listed on town documents for the transfer. The license is currently a pocket license, which it is currently inactive and can remain that way for two years while its owner finds a place to use the license, says Linda Wanat, Montclair municipal clerk.

Upstairs has closed its doors, but Dai-Kichi remains open, just reverting back to its former status as a BYOB restaurant.

2 replies on “Dai-Kichi Goes Dry, Upstairs Goes Dark As Montclair Liquor License Is Transferred For $1,250,000”

  1. Such a shame! Upstairs was really good and a lot of fun when it first opened. Just went downhill after 2-3 years. So much turnover! Staff was different every time we went there. Owner must be very difficult to work for.
    I would now guess that they will just expand Dai Kichi upstairs as it is almost always full and difficult to get into quite often. Great Sushi, best in the area, in a very modest at best environment/ambiance!

  2. The owner of Dai Kichi apparently took the Upstairs lease back about a year ago but couldn’t find an approach to return it to success. The staff at Dai Kichi always seems happy and pleasant and that place runs very smoothly. So I don’t think the owner (who has always been very cordial and on friendly terms with his customers) was the problem for Upstairs.

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