This weekend, protests, rallies and other events in response to the Trump administration’s immigration policy that has resulted in separations and detentions of migrant families will be taking place all over the country. Families Belong Together on Saturday, June 30, has been organized as a nationwide day of action both to protest the immigration policies and call for reunification.

In our area, a march will take place in Newark, starting at Newark’s City Hall at 11 a.m. Protestors are encouraged to wear white in a sign of unity.

BlueWave NJ is suggesting for those attending the march to consider carpooling to Newark.

In Glen Ridge, a clothing and necessities drive for immigrant teenagers is also being held. Details here.

For events in New York and Washington, D.C., check the Families Belong Together website.

One reply on “Families Belong Together March & Local Events, Saturday, June 30”

  1. This just such a phony Political issue!
    Want Proof? Where is the concern/outrage for the many, many more American Children of US Citizens who are in jail?
    More than 2 Million Americans in prison and none of their children are with them either.
    Why has there never been any concern shown for them?
    Surely more of them than the 2000 Illegal Immigrant children are in bad foster home situations or institutions, but no one is protesting about them. Just Politics!

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