Glenfield families received a letter Tuesday night from acting principal Cheryl Hopper regarding an issue found during structural evaluations of the building.

Hopper, who replaced Anthony Grosso in October, writes…

As you are aware, the district is diligently completing the process of structural evaluations for each school in Montclair. After the evaluation was completed at Glenfield yesterday, it was discovered that two large timber roof trusses in the south attic area, above the circa 1896 original building, exhibited cracks and splits. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, we will temporarily close rooms 336 and 337 until we are able to assess the condition of the trusses, and determine a plan for providing an adequate repair schedule.

As always, the safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. The closing of two classrooms may be inconvenient, but I’m sure you will agree that working to provide a safe learning environment takes precedence.

By the close of business on Friday, I will keep you updated as to next steps. Thank you for your support as we move forward.

Earlier this year, Montclair High School closed temporarily to deal with a stairway collapse. The school subsequently had to close 31 classrooms that could not be accessed due to the compromised staircases.