Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in a lobby card for “Bringing Up Baby.” COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

We asked, you answered! Love comes in many shapes. We asked you to tell us about a loving gestures you’ve made or received: or, to tell us a couple (real or fictional) you love. Happy Valentine’s Day Montclair!

Adam Anik: My cat and my dog: Syd-liscious the Cavachon, and Arielle-A-Bella, part Maine Coon. Syd always tries to play with her, and she wants no part of it, trots away. She sneaks into the bed only when she is sure he’s sound asleep, otherwise she sleeps on the guest bed.

But they NEVER fight or growl, and rarely lift a paw to the other.

Lisa Annitti: I adopted my Stafford Bull Terrier, Macy, at the age of 7 from PAWS Montclair. She was pulled from AHS Newark by the organization. I adopted her even though she doesn’t get along with other dogs and she has to take bladder pills and anxiety


medication. No one else wanted to take on the responsibility of a senior with issues. She’s the best thing in my life, and we show each other unconditional love.

Casey Carpenter: My fave ‘Clair couple are Eileen and Sam. You see them walking around town or at the Y. So inspiring! And a brand new, engaged couple are Josette and Ricky, who are getting married next year.

Loretta Farrelly: Our 5-year-old son was writing valentines and I told him he could send them to everyone he loves, thinking of grandparents. He asked to send a valentine to Santa Claus.  He chose his favorite and signed it, I addressed it to the North Pole and took him to the nearest mailbox so he could send it. I hope Santa liked it; he probably doesn’t get much mail in February.

Debra Galant: Every year on the anniversary of when we met (June 7? I’m not sure, but 1983), Warren surprises me with a bagel and lox spread, which is what I ordered at  lunch that day. I ordered it because it was the cheapest thing on the menu. And every year I am surprised.

Andrew Garda: My Valentine’s Day couple is Westley and Buttercup from “The Princess Bride,” our family movie.

Jack Marflak: How about Lois Lane and Clark Kent? All that sexual tension and Lois never made a move on Superman. Come on now. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Looking out every night across the bay at the green light longing for Daisy. What’s up with that?


Rich McMahon: My wife, who never has been a pet person, always took the best care of our “kids’ dog,” Bridie, walking, feeding, grooming. Bridie, a Wheaten Terrier, is no longer with us but her crate is. Now, when it gets too cold, my wife allows me to bring my rabbit, Kitty, into the house where Kitty can roam the kitchen and sleep in Bridie’s crate. Sometimes she and Kitty converse, though I generally only hear one side of the conversation.





Elizabeth Oguss: My favorite movie couple is Rita and Raymond Cappomaggi in “Moonstruck.” Played by Julie Bovasso and Louis Guss, they’re a long-married couple in late middle age and are only secondary characters in the film. But as exciting as the Cher-Nicolas Cage storyline is (“Snap out of it!“), the affection the Cappomaggis have for each other is more satisfying. Unusual for Hollywood, in this film, love between older people is portrayed not as cute or grotesque, but as a natural and lovely thing.

Gwen Orel: When I was laid up in bed with bronchitis for a week, my cats hunted and brought dead mice to the back door every day for four days. It was their equivalent of feline aspirin, or an attempt to appease the sickness gods.

Jeanne Reilly: Gary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in “Bringing up Baby!”

Erin Roll: Favorite fictional couples, in no particular order: Taran and Eilonwy, from “The Prydain Chronicles.” Graham and Valanice, from “King’s Quest.” Link and Zelda, from “The Legend of Zelda.” Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, from “Spider-Man.” Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton, from “Lord of the Rings.”

Andreina Botto Roever: I went to Penn Station and my daughter gave money to a pregnant homeless woman… We talked to her and she was so thankful. My daughter was very loving and not judgmental. I cried… It was her pocket money and she was only 10 years old. The Obamas are my favorite couple.

Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero. COURTESY JESSICA SPORN

Jessica Sporn: My husband loves salmon. The most romantic thing I can do for my husband is get or make him a bagel and lox for breakfast, salmon sushi for lunch, and grilled salmon for dinner. Nothing makes him happier or feel more loved.

Allison Task: Favorite couple goes to Michelle and Barack. As for the loving gesture — here’s mine. This one is about holiday cards. Stay with me on this. Years ago, when I was single and living in Brooklyn, I decided that people received enough love during the holidays. When they really needed the love was closer to Valentine’s Day, when the days are short, cold, bleak, and less full of festivity. Especially (ahem) single folks like myself at the time. Cuz the only one sending me a card was me.

And then, I read that Julia Child never sent holiday cards — she never had the time, so she sent Valentine’s Day cards instead. That was all the encouragement I needed. I’ve send my annual cards on Valentine’s Day ever since, which is weird and quirky just like me.

Deborah Ann Tripoldi: My three and a half month old niece knows love and wiggles her feet only for me. She knows her aunt will “bite ” them.

Jennifer Wroblewski: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Heroes. Love goals. A relationship built on respect.

— Compiled by Gwen Orel

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

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