Meet the 2019 Junior Jury, selected from a pool of applicants in grades 10-12, who will get to meet industry professionals and learn how to analyze and adjudicate films. After deliberating and selecting the best film in its category, the jurors will present the Junior Jury Award as part of the Montclair Film Festival’s Award Ceremony on Saturday, May 11.

This year’s jurors are Jack Abramson (Columbia High School), Charlie Baker (Columbia High School), Lola Coleman (Montclair Kimberly Academy), Makayla Clarke (Immaculate Cinception High School) Sophie Collins (Glen Ridge High School), Robert DiGenova (Middletown High School South), Jack DiLorenzo (Montclair Kimberley Academy), Lucas Fell (Montclair High School), Stella Guzik (Montclair High School), George Osterberg (Montclair High School), Chandler Otterbein (Glen Ridge High School), Ryan Rivera (West Orange High School).

MFF19 Junior Jury

In addition, Montclair Film, in partnership with The Montclair Cooperative School, Partners for Health, and The Montclair Bounce Festival, have launched a Compassion Campaign as part of their annual Spotlight program. Local middle and high school students will attend specially selected films that reflect kindness, empathy and tolerance, followed by a conversation with filmmakers and guest speakers.

“Throughout the month of May, students and community members are encouraged to “Take the Kindness Challenge!” by posting acts of kindness performed or experienced to #MFKindnessChallenge. Kindness posts will be incorporated into a public art installation at the Montclair Film Festival,” said Montclair Film Education Director Sue Hollenberg.
“Together, we can show the world that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference!”