Dr. George L. Cameron, an icon to Montclair-area pet owners, has announced his retirement from Cameron Animal Hospital after a half century. The hospital was founded by his father, Dr. George Cameron, Sr. in 1936, and will continue to operate under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Houston and Michael Martinez, who have both worked at the hospital for more than 16 years. “

I grew up bringing my pets to Dr Cameron and his staff,” says Dr Houston, “And when it came time to choose where to practice, I knew there was no where else I wanted to be.”

Over the course of his career Dr Cameron built a reputation as not just an excellent doctor, but one with unmatched heart and generosity.

“Anyone living in Montclair knew that if you had an animal in need, you could go to Dr Cameron and he would help,” says Liz Morgan, Director of the Montclair Animal Shelter.

Dr Houston and Mr. Martinez purchased the hospital in 2018, and are committed to maintaining the same devotion to the animals and clients, and dedication to community service and helping animals in need, that Cameron Animal Hospital has become synonymous with. They are deeply involved in the Cameron Animal Rescue Program, and have led its expansion over the last five years. It now finds homes for more than 150 animals per year.

Mr. Martinez began his career with animals working for PAWS, before being personally recruited by Dr Cameron, and says, “The rescue work we do, both directly and with shelters and rescue groups, goes to the heart of who we are as a hospital and will never change.”

After serving in the US Army, Dr. Cameron joined his father’s practice in 1970. Since that time he has helped millions of animals, owned and stray alike, and helped found, among others, the Montclair Animal shelter, Bloomfield Animals Shelter, Pound Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and FOBAS. He has served as the Veterinarian of record for yet more rescue groups. In 2018, Cameron was honored by the Friends of the Montclair Township Animal Shelter for his outstanding contributions to the animals in the community.

A retirement party and fundraiser in Dr Cameron’s honor has been planned for Sunday, November 3, 2019, at Greenleaf Café Eclectic. Members of the community are invited to share well wishes with Dr. Cameron from 4-6pm. All funds raised in celebration of his legacy will be donated to the Cameron Animal Rescue program, and the Montclair Animal Shelter. For those who cannot attend, messages and donations can be made at the following website: paypal.me/cahrescue

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  1. Dear Dr. Cameron,
    I’m sorry I scratched you the last time I was there. I know you were trying to help me get better but I was scared. Thank you for helping me when I was found as a frightened kitten in a snow storm. Can you tell my sister, who you also helped rescue, to stop being so bossy and to play with me more? Are you giving away treats when you retire? Does this mean I don’t have to come to the doctor anymore? –KARMA T.M.

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