AhavaFelicidad, one of the active members of Tenants Organization of Montclair (TOOM)

Are you a Montclair resident who is feeling pushed out of the town due to rising rents? A newly-formed tenant advocacy group, Tenants Organization of Montclair (TOOM), is fighting for a rent control ordinance that would help residents stay in Montclair, rather than move.

TOOM is made up of renters who want rent control (rent stablization/rent leveling) so they can live in the town they love.

Members of TOOM recently gave impassioned speeches in front of the Montclair town council in October, detailing how residents have had their rents increased 25-30% and how many have had take second jobs to save their homes. TOOM has called for a cap on rent increases, stating that Montclair has an affordability crisis and rent control is needed to protect current tenants.

TOOM returns on Monday, November 18 to speak at the next Montclair town council and they want residents to join them and make their voices heard (205 Claremont Ave., 1st floor, 6:30-8:30 p.m).

The group will also hold three rotating information sessions on Monday, December 30th, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. (location to be announced), for renters only. The meet up gives renters an opportunity to get a copy of their rights in writing and help find out more about the effort to get a rent control ordinance in Montclair.

For more information, contact TenantsOrganizationMontclair@gmail.com. For your rights as a renter, click here.

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