CPAW NJ (Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ) and the Bloomfield Township Animal Shelter are teaming up to trap, neuter and release as many feral/community Bloomfield cats as possible over the winter in a new program called “Spay It Forward.”

CPAW NJ will loan traps and help with trapping, and the township will cover the veterinary costs (including spay/neuter plus vaccinations) – a win-win for the cats and the caregivers who feed them. Once spayed or neutered, the cats are returned to their original location, with their left ear tipped to show they have been neutered.

In order to promote this program, CPAW NJ is donating 8 large winter shelters to people who work to get all of the cats in their colony fixed. If you are feeding a colony of outdoor cats in Bloomfield, contact CPAW NJ for help at

As part of the program, on the last Tuesday of each month a mobile spay/neuter van run by Associated Humane Societies will be at the Bloomfield Shelter, making it even easier to transport trapped cats to get their necessary medical care.  Maximum number of cats is 15, so it is important to register ahead of time by emailing

The AHS van will be at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter at 61 Bukowski Place on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 9 a.m.

While everyone loves kittens, the ones you see posted for adoption are the ones who survive — 75% of all kittens born outside do not make it. Spaying/neutering and vaccinating outdoor cats reduces the outdoor cat population, reduces shelter intake, and improves public health overall. Any kittens found while trapping adult cats are brought to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter for adoption.

For more information about CPAW NJ, see their website at