Montclair, NJ – Having two kids in college at the same time puts a strain on finances for many families, so imagine five!

That was what the Povolo family of Totowa was facing. Now, Victoria, Masha, Ashley, Michael and Marcus — the Povolo quintuplets — and their parents don’t have to worry.

The quints accepted Montclair State University’s offer of five Presidential Scholarships for high-achieving students.

University’s Presidential Scholars Program rewards accomplished New Jersey students with a $5,000-a-year scholarship and additional academic, research-driven and career-focused activities, as long as they maintain the required grade point averages for all four years.

The MSU offer also came with need-based grants and small merit scholarships that added up to a tuition-free four years.

“Thank you, Montclair State, for allowing us this amazing opportunity and this special blessing,” said Victoria Povolo, the oldest of the quintuplets, the first of the five to explore financial aid with the University.

The quintuplets and their parents learned of the offer in a surprise reveal at Passaic Valley High School earlier this month.

The quints and their parents thought they were meeting with guidance staff “to explore ways to pay for college.” Instead, they were met by University’s mascot Rocky, bearing balloons and a giant “check” made payable for five higher educations.

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Video: Christo Apostolu/Montclair State University.