Montclair Design Week has organized a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donation Drive for local hospitals.

If you have a surplus supply of PPE, click here to donate or volunteer or call 973-744-2544 for more information.

You can also help by spreading the word to neighborhood doctors, dentists, contractors, painters, artists and beauty salons who may have surplus supplies they can donate during this hospital shortage.

Donations needed: New, unopened boxes of masks, eye protection, gowns and latex-free gloves.

Masks made by the SoMa Sewing Volunteers

The SOMa Sewing Volunteers, now 300 strong, are making facemasks for healthcare workers and need donations of tightly-woven cotton fabric (dress shirts, quilting fabric, cotton/polyester blends as well as flannel to for the inner layer).

The SoMa Sewing group has volunteers working to help by offering to deliver sewing supplies, and loan out sewing machines, as well as sew or cut fabric.

To find out more and how to donate, visit here.