Mayoral candidate Dr. Renee Baskerville offered a response Thursday to the endorsements of Mayor Robert Jackson and former Mayor Jerry Fried.

Baskerville characterized Fried’s email, which he sent with a Your Voice, Montclair header endorsing Baskerville, as both “unfortunate” and “scathing.”

“It is clear to me from the timing of Jackson’s endorsement, one week after voting began and on the heels of Jerry Fried’s scathing email, that it gave rise to Mayor Jackson’s endorsement,” Baskerville says.

Jerry Fried’s email endorsement of Dr. Renee Baskerville.

“As Montclair’s next mayor, I look forward to incorporating the wisdom of Mayor Jackson and Mayor Fried and getting both men to play nicely in the same sandbox,” Baskerville adds.

Fried’s endorsement of Baskerville may come as a surprise to longtime Baristanet readers who recall some rocky moments during their 2008-2012 service together.