UPDATE: Scroll down to end of post for additional resources for masks sent in by readers.

The Center for Disease Control is now recommending wearing face masks in public because recent studies show “a significant portion of individuals” with coronavirus don’t show symptoms, and can unknowingly transmit the virus to others.

One city in Texas is mandating that people wear masks in public or risk $1000 fine.

If you are making your own, here are some fabrics that work best.

Until you can get a mask, you can use bandanas, scarves and cloth face masks like ski masks or balaclavas.

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If you need a fabric mask, Moline Kronberg Cleaners in Upper Montclair has been making them.

Moline Kronberg Cleaners is making fabric masks for anyone who needs. Photo: Instagram.

A reader writes:

Here’s a source for reusable masks. Production takes 3-5 days.

This is a company that makes fun hospital gowns for sick kids. They provided one to my son while he was ill. They have pivoted to making masks for hospitals/first responder orgs and orders from the public. You can nominate a hospital/responder org to receive masks and they will create a link on the site for people to sponsor masks for them. These are very good quality.


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