This week’s Weekend Family Fun is sponsored by Kate McDonough.

While we’re staying at home and flattening the curve, we still need to keep the kiddos entertained. That means we need lots of fresh ideas for fun things to do. Here are the best ones we found this week. Enjoy!

If you have a hallway and some crepe paper streamer, you’ve got yourself the makings for a “laser” maze. Tape pieces across the hall in all directions. Kids will have a blast trying to climb through, crawling and ducking as they work to avoid touching the streamers.

There are lots of possibilities when you create a giant floor maze for your kids! Using washi tape and a template, build a labyrinth and have kids find their way from one end to the other. You can add items to make it more like a cityscape and kids can roll a toy car through.

Get vertical with this pom pom wall activity. Using paper towel, toilet paper or gift wrap tubes, as well as construction paper to form tunnels, set up a course and send the pom poms through. Kids can design the course and predict how well it will work, then make tweaks once they see where the pom poms go. They’ll also enjoy tossing the pom poms at the wall to try and get them to land inside a tube. Older and younger kids can work together to create a top and bottom to the course so everyone can get in on the action!

DIY moon sand is a fun way to add sensory play into your child’s day. The sand sticks together and can be molded into all sorts of shapes. Small sand toys, spoons, measuring cups and other household items can be used to build and create. Imaginations can run wild while kids dig through this easy, non-toxic sand.

It’s easy for kids to learn when they’re having fun, and this STEM activity is sure to get them engaged. Cups, popsicle sticks, and small figurines are all you need to set up this engineering challenge. How can you build the tallest tower? Will the figurine be able to stand on top? What’s the most interesting design you can come up with? Kids can compete against one another or they can work together. Just one child? They can compete against themselves… or you!