Montclair 2020 Progress in Action slate received the unofficial results together on a Zoom call.

Montclair unofficial municipal election results posted on Essex County Clerk’s website show Sean Spiller as the projected winner of the Montclair mayoral race. Almost all of his other Montclair 2020 Progress in Action slate mates are projected winners in their races, including new candidate Lori Price Abrams, in the Third Ward race.

The only candidate projected to win from the Your Voice, Montclair slate is Peter Yacobellis, in the At-Large Councilor race. Bill Hurlock took the First Ward with more than a 20 point lead, in the most definitive win of all the races (not counting David Cummings, who ran unopposed).

“First and foremost, a big thank you to the whole team, including Roger Terry, who I would not be in this position without,” Sean Spiller said by phone after learning the unofficial results.

“I want to give a big thank you to every voter out there, everyone who helped with phone calls, signs, text messages, Zoom meetings. There were so many big things and little things that are the reason why I’m Mayor Elect,” said Spiller. “We have great team coming in and I couldn’t be more proud and humble and thankful.”

Spiller added that he looks forward to working with Peter Yacobellis as well.

“We need to all come together, especially to move forward, given the pandemic, and we have a successful team,” Spiller added.

Peter Yacobellis said he made over 1,000 calls between Sunday and Wednesday and said he was excited about the results, but didn’t want to discourage people who had voted late that their vote didn’t count. Yacobellis currently has the highest percentage of votes of any of the At-Large candidates.

“I am very excited to serve with everyone. It’s an honor and I’m humbled by it, energized that this many people put their faith in me and I am going to work my tail off to make all of them proud,” Yacobellis said.

Renee E. Baskerville, MD – 46.83 % of votes

Sean Spiller – 52.72% of votes

John Hearn – 38.91% of votes

William Hurlock – 60.99 % of votes

Robin Schlager – 58.65% of votes

Christine Thomas – 41.07% of votes

Lori Price Abrams – 56.71% of votes

Maggie Joralemon – 42.93% of votes

David Cummings – 98.34% of votes

Carmel Loughman – 7.41% of votes

James Cotter – 19.94% of votes

Peter Yacobellis – 25.14% of votes

Robert Russo – 24.55% of votes

Roger Terry – 22.80% of votes