Coach USA says it will step up to help New Jersey commuters who may be stuck without a way to get to New York after DeCamp Bus Lines suspends all service Friday at midnight between Northern New Jersey and the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.

Coach USA is partnering with DeCamp with DeCamp with an offer to assist commuters who have purchased DeCamp tickets in advance by cross-honoring valid DeCamp tickets effective August 10, 2020 through August 31, 2020.

Coach USA’s West Orange Arena and Essex Green pick up locations on the 77 Line would provide an alternative for DeCamp customers who need only hand in their DeCamp tickets to a Coach USA driver in order to ride the bus during August.

“We are pleased to be in a unique situation wherein we are able to work together with DeCamp to keep Jersey strong and offer a convenient solution for the commuting public,” said Scott Sprengel, Executive Vice President of Coach USA.

“The partnership with Coach USA is very welcomed and we are happy to see commuters will have an option while our routes are suspended” said Jonathan DeCamp, Vice President of DeCamp Bus Lines.

In preparation for reopening its services, Coach USA has implemented stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures on all buses. Details on cleaning procedures can be viewed in the video contained in the below link. In addition to protect passengers and employees, all are required to wear facial coverings while boarding the bus and are encouraged to keep them on while riding the bus. Coach USA buses will only allow 50 percent capacity on all commuter services to ensure an empty seat next to each passenger in accordance with social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Additionally, Coach USA has launched a new contactless digital ticketing system for select commuter services on July 1, ultimately expanding this offering to all commuter customers in an effort to limit touchpoints and create a seamless customer experience. This digital ticketing system can be found on the Coach USA website or on the Coach USA app.

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One reply on “Got DeCamp Tickets? Coach USA To Assist DeCamp Commuters by Cross Honoring Through August”

  1. Re DeCamp Bus Lines’s shutdown:

    UPDATE: See how STUPID they are? To the very end? They send a notice Wednesday about total shutdown Friday — yes, TWO days’ notice is typical! THEN on Friday they suddenly announce they’ve gotten Coach to take over SOME of their routes. How about striking that deal FIRST? THEN tell people “we’re shutting down, BUT Coach is taking some of our routes” in ONE notice?? You don’t keep people believing “total shutdown” for TWO DAYS, and THEN retract it, even partially!!

    I have no pity. How typical of DeCamp that they announce this shutdown only Two Days prior! Normally — yes, Normally! — when they even bother to get off their lazy arses to type a mere 140 characters, they’ve said “the 7:15 33 will not run” at 7:23 or so, that is, Well After the fact! And normally — Yes, Normally! — drivers are rude, late and so ignorant they seem never to have Heard of the advent of this magic technology called “radio”! That’s right, ask one “when’s the next one?” and s/he’ll just sit there and say either “I don’t know” or “Right behind” — meaning half an hour! — without touching the radio at all.
    DeCamp Bus Lines has ROYALLY SUCKED for all six generations, with few exceptions, notably the late and legendary Sal Sciano, the Rubber Ducky man who took us to Tahiti and Aruba high on oregano. He must be rolling in his grave…

    Just for kicks go to and type “decamp” in the Search field. You’ll see two public forums from 2014, May and October. I’m the guy that started those, bringing so many people they had to move it from IHOP to the church. May’s was well-attended and -publicized, and they were hammered so badly — by yours truly twice! — that they immediately hired a public relations director to LIE about the October follow-up’s day, time, place and even existence before oh-so-proudly declaring they’d have forums only on THEIR terms, NOT those of local politicians, who in October were clearly pandering before the election! Never mind that their constituent base EQUALS DeCamp’s customer base…

    And folks, in OVER SIX YEARS they have NEVER have held even ONE public forum, as they PROMISED! So visit or on Twitter at @DeCampBusLines or, and wish them GOOD RIDDANCE!!

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