Montclair, NJ – You may have spied Montclair’s favorite date night spot Vanillamore on season 1 of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking — the episode where crowd favorite Nadia gets stood up by Vinay. Fortunately, Nadia and a friend were able to enjoy Vanillamore’s decadent treats. If you want to enjoy those same treats at home, maybe while watching your own favorite Netflix series, Chef Risa of Vanillamore has published Sweet. Savory. Social. — a cookbook that brings the chef’s fun take on food to home cooks.

The cookbook comes just in time as Chef Risa will temporarily close Vanillamore (on Monday, Aug 10) to go on maternity leave and make plans for a reopening strategy in the fall.

Chef Risa of Vanillamore

A book launch party will take place at Vanillamore on Saturday, August 15 between 2-5 pm for those who pre-purchased Sweet. Savory. Social. They’ll receive a signed copy and a special treat when they pick it up.

Montclair’s makeup maven and author Bobbi Brown says “Vanillamore is a staple of Montclair, and my go-to for every party and event. From cheese platters to sweet spreads, Risa is a force with a unique and interesting vision. Everything she touches looks and tastes extraordinary.”

The cookbook is divided into three sections: desserts, main entrees/appetizers and a guide to entertaining.

SWEET: Cookies, cakes, caramels, creams, custards, confections, gelato & sorbet and twists on childhood favorites. Nostalgic treats include Strawberry Cream Puffs and Butter Cake with “goo” reminiscent of sneaking raw cake batter as kids, only this one’s safe to eat.

SAVORY: Toasts, crostini and small plates like Turkey Meatballs with Ginger-Scallion Sauce and Chorizo & Figs with Polenta create a simple-yet-sophisticated range of tapas for diverse palates.

SOCIAL: From malted milk and “dessert flights” to chocolate charcuterie boards, this section inspires hosts to create beverages and entertaining spreads from the Sweet and Savory section recipes for their guests.

Sweet. Savory. Social. is $39.95 (hardback) and is available on