(L-R) Recreation & Cultural Affairs Director Michele Camarata, Township Engineer Norberto Hernandez, Director of Community Services Steve Wood, Deputy Mayor William Hurlock, Deputy Township Manager Brian Scantlebury, Township Manager Timothy Stafford,
Recreation & Cultural Affairs Project Manager Garland Thornton.

The refurbished Tuers Park reopened on Tuesday, Oct. 20, after extensive improvements were completed.

“In these very troubling times, this will serve as respite, but please remember when you do so to social distance and wear you mask,” said Deputy Mayor William Hurlock who is also the Ward’s Councilman.

The cost to refurbish the park was $390,000.

The park’s baseball field has new benches, bleachers, and fencing, and the baseball infield was resurfaced with fresh new infield clay.

The playground area was also resurfaced with new engineered wood fiber mulch that provides greater safety for children. The old playground equipment was replaced with brand new pieces, and perimeter fencing was installed.

Other improvements include construction of new asphalt pathways, new trash receptacles, a storage enclosure, and a new water fountain.

“Tuers Park is a real gem in the First Ward,” said Hurlock. “The park’s renovation is part of the township’s many efforts to improve our recreational facilities. Given the Township’s strong financial management we have been able to make tremendous investments into our parks during the past several years, to make them attractive, safe, and welcoming public spaces. This has become especially important to our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

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