Will Pear de Sel (left) or Shortbread and Roses become Montclair Mutual Aid’s official gelato flavor.

We never need a reason to eat gelato, but here’s a delicious one.

Montclair Mutual Aid (MMA) invites you to help choose its very own Montclair Mutual Aid official flavor! Guerriero Gelato has generously created two custom flavor profiles for Montclair residents to choose from; at the end of October, MMA will count up the votes, and the winner will be available during the month of November. One dollar from every purchase will go to Montclair Mutual Aid’s assistance to neighbors in need.

Both flavors are available at Guerriero Gelato (formerly Gelati by Mike) to purchase.

Shortbread and Roses: raspberry and rose with a lemon shortbread cookie swirl. “Bread and Roses” is a slogan that’s been used to illustrate the idea that workers, women, or people who are oppressed should obviously get the bare necessities (like bread) but should be able get more than that, too (roses). You can read more about its powerful history here: https://www.zinnedproject.org/materials/bread-and-roses-song/

Pear de Sel: pear with fleur de sel caramel. The canned pears used to develop this flavor were rescued from local soup kitchens, because they got an influx during COVID-19. They aren’t so easy to use in food, so our friends at the kitchen were at a loss. Mike decided to take something unwanted and, with a little creativity, turn it into something special to share.

Cast your vote here: tinyurl.com/MtcMA-icecream