The Saturday Night Live skit on visiting Santa at the mall drives it home – social distancing and Santa can be tough. But if your kids miss having a visit with Santa, there’s Ask Santa, a digital AI experience where kids can ask Santa any question they want – and he will answer.

The online interaction with Santa is designed for families and children of all ages, especially for children aged 3 through 12. Users visit Santa at his Grotto in the North Pole (where he has just completed renovations on his red sled) and have a real-time, natural conversation. Ask Santa is available online at, and can be accessed and showcased on any monitor, computer, mobile device, or screen. Santa is live now through Christmas, and will finish his AI duties on New Year’s Eve. Check it out below:

Ask Santa is powered by the AI Startup, StoryFile. The experience is entirely free for users thanks to donations from The American Heart Association.