NEWARK, NJ – NJ TRANSIT has launched its “Transit to Trails” initiative, a new, interactive, user-friendly web application that easily identifies New Jersey’s great parks and green spaces accessible by public transportation. By utilizing NJ TRANSIT’s “Transit to Trails”, customers are encouraged to “go green” and ride environmentally friendly public transportation options when planning to enjoy the great outdoors. The site, has links to NJ TRANSIT service details, and park information for 62 national, state and county parks throughout the state. Results will feature bus, rail, and light rail options within two miles of the desired park throughout all 21 New Jersey counties.

“This user-friendly app gives people information on how to use NJ TRANSIT to visit the Garden State’s many beautiful parks and outdoor recreation areas simply and easily,” NJDOT Commissioner and NJ TRANSIT Chair Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti said. “The NJ TRANSIT Transit to Trails App provides options for underserved communities and expands tourism opportunities by promoting environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives that help reduce congestion. The app, along with initiatives such as Senator Booker’s “Transit to Trails Act” and NJDOT’s upcoming Trails and Greenways Summit, combine integral aspects of social and environmental justice to improve the quality of life for New Jersey residents.”

“Continuing our commitment to leveraging technology to improve the customer experience, our “Transit to Trails” initiative links all NJ TRANSIT services to one of our state’s greatest resources; our unparalleled parks and trails,” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “It also supports our recently launched “While You’ve Been Away” public information campaign (, giving our customers yet another reason to return to public transit. What could be better as we emerge from the pandemic than using NJ TRANSIT as an equitable, convenient and cost-effective option to access the great outdoors!”

“New Jersey is blessed with an abundance of parks,” said NJDEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette. “But low-income communities and communities of color too often face barriers to accessing these public green spaces, which were established for the enjoyment of all people. The DEP is proud to be a partner in the NJ TRANSIT to Trails effort, which will help ensure underserved New Jersey residents have access to these wonderful places and are able to reap the many health and recreational benefits of being in the great outdoors.”

While using NJ TRANSIT’s “Transit to Trails” map, users will be able to search for their prospective destinations by park name or view a virtual map of the state with different park locations. Each destination has clickable access points comprised of park entranceways, parking lots, or meeting areas. Service options for each of these individual areas, managing agency information, and directions will be accessible from a pop up that appears at each access point.

The ease and convenience of being able to efficiently plan for leisurely visits to outdoor recreation and community destinations encourages residents and visitors to utilize available public transportation as opposed to their personal vehicles when planning a trip. NJ TRANSIT’s “Transit to Trails” application planning tool will help decrease road congestion, help the environment and ensure equitable access to New Jersey’s parks for those who depend on public transportation for all their travel needs.

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