Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis recognized the month of June as Pride Month, marking both an important moment for the Montclair community and a significant person moment as well.

“It was 23 years ago that I was discharged from the Air Force under the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and told at the time by military leaders that I would never amount to anything,” Yacobellis said. “So here I sit tonight as an elected official, about to read this proclamation and later to move to introduce a couple pieces of legislation as well.”

Click here to hear Yacobellis read the proclamation.

Read the Pride Month Proclamation here.

On Friday, June 4th, Yacobellis and Mayor Spiller, along with their colleagues, will for the first time raise a progress LGBTQ+ pride flag at Town Hall, which includes black, brown and trans and non-binary colors in addition to the traditional pride flag rainbow. The event will take place at 3:00pm in front of Town Hall.

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2 replies on “‘Love is Love’ – Montclair Councilor Yacobellis Reads Pride Month Proclamation”

  1. Councilor,
    OK, no-brainer ordinances on equity, right? Nope.
    This is the 4th Ward’s way of reining you in for not touching all the bases.
    Live by the 4th Ward vote, then abide by the priorities of the 4th Ward voters.
    A simple rule.

  2. And, for Councilor Cummings, why are Montclair taxpayers funding jobs in Texas when they could be here? I would think we would want them in Montclair,,,,or at least Essex County.

    Real alarms are going off.

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