MONTCLAIR, NJ – In Harmony Montclair teens are ready to make a difference in the community with their time and talents!

The Harmony Concert is a variety benefit show with singing, dancing, and many other musical performances. Visit our YouTube channel to stream the show on July 15th. Talented teens and tweens do it all––organize the show, perform, create videos, manage social media and publicity––to raise money for IMANI.

“I am so excited to produce this year’s concert and see Milanya Navani and Arushi Vadlamani, who are both rising sophomores, direct. We chose to raise funds for IMANI, an incredible program that provides educational support for students in Montclair,” says Maggie Borgen, 2021 Montclair High School graduate and the founder and director of In Harmony Montclair. “The pandemic resulted in a lot of stress and educational challenges this year and IMANI’s work is more important than ever.”

Borgen says the group has organized benefit concerts for six years; this year’s concert will also be a chance for a small send-off for several long-time participants who have graduated from high school this year.

IMANI is a non-profit organization that aims to close the achievement gap and offers educational support programs for all students at Montclair Public Schools. They collaborate with parents, teachers, and school administrators to provide focused academic and social support for students of color. In addition, they seek to create a culture of academic success that encourages students and their families to embrace the goal of a 4-year college education. They also work to cultivate a spirit of empathy and engagement that empowers future leaders to commit themselves to community involvement.

In Harmony Montclair is a New Jersey-based group that raises funds and awareness for local charities by organizing teen talent showcases and other events. The first Imagine Concert was six years ago, in the summer of 2015, with the name changing to the Harmony Concert in 2017. The concert occurs every summer and benefits a different charity each year. In 2017, In Harmony Montclair––the Harmony Concert’s umbrella group––was founded.

This year the concert will be streamed on YouTube. It is free to watch, but donations to IMANI through GoFundMe are encouraged. Donations can be made through this link: All proceeds will go to IMANI.