See a Montclair pothole that needs fixing? Recycling not picked up? You no longer need to find a number and call someone at the Township like the old days. Now you can pull out your phone and report the issue to Montclair on a new app.

REPORT-IT-2-MTC is a citizen request management (CRM) app that allows the town to “improve citizen service, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and measure performance.”

The app comes from QScend Technologies, Inc., a leader in web-based software for local and county governments, and is available at the Township’s web portal at and as an app for mobile devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can check the REPORT-IT-2-MTC Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked questions that Montclair departments regularly receive. As the town evaluates the various app inputs, they will continually expand the Knowledge Base to include more of the information users seek.

“Please be patient as this is new for all of us — elected officials, township staff and all of you. There is a process for routing requests internally and soliciting follow-up from the right employee to respond,” Councilman Yacobellis said in his email newsletter to residents. “But it will take time for this to be a refined practice. In addition to what I hope is a much more efficient experience for all of you, I’m excited about the potential this has to give us the data that I believe we desperately need to inform some of our decision making when it comes to the budget. Congratulations to the staff, previous Council and my colleagues for making this happen.

What do you think will be the most popular thing to report in Montclair? Leafblower violations? And where is the app to report rogue dog poop bags?