NJ Superior Court Judge Lisa M. Adubato rejected a challenge Friday to the Township’s 2021 leaf blower ordinance brought on by landscaping company Vito Dente and Dente.

The current ordinance restricts the use of internal combustion engine leaf blowers to the periods between March 15 and May 15, inclusive, and between October 15 and December 15, inclusive.

The plaintiffs sought to enforce a 2000 stipulation of settlement which allowed a greater period of use of internal combustion engine blowers – March 1 through June 1 and October 1 through December 15.

The plaintiffs also sought to have dismissed any currently pending summonses issued pursuant to the 2021 ordinance.

The judge held that the settlement could not bind the current governing body.

“I’m glad to see the ordinance I worked on over 25 years ago upheld by the Court. We want to ensure a quieter, more peaceful Montclair, especially during the Spring & Summer seasons,” said Councilor at Large Bob Russo.

“What we constructed was a compromise piece of legislation that responded to the demands of the community in a way that I believe respected the need to give companies and consumers time to adapt.” said Councilor-at-large Peter Yacobellis. “I reiterate my stance that these polluting, noisy devices should be completely phased out in the years ahead, particularly as the strength and battery life in electric blowers continues to exponentially improve.”

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  1. My only issue is that government exempted itself. Township employees and county employees can blow blow blow; there are no rules for them.

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