It sounds unthinkable that someone would leave a dog out in the freezing cold, but Montclair Township Animal Control is seeking information about a small tan dog found at Nishuane Park Monday. Here is the message from Montclair Township Animal Control Supervisor Michele Shiber:

This beautiful pup is safe and warm now, but was left in the cold at Nishuane Park.

Someone in a dark sedan allegedly drove this small tan dog to Nishuane Park on Monday morning, January 3rd, and abandoned him near the side of the road in a soft carrier. We are still evaluating video from a local source to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle in question.

We are looking for any info/help from the public about who may have done such a heartless deed.

If you know this dog and/or his owners or know someone who recently got a dog like this and no longer has the dog, email All communications will be kept confidential and will be part of an open investigation to find the responsible parties.

Shiber adds “This dog is not available for foster or adoption at this time, and the animal shelter will not entertain any inquires for placement until our investigation has progressed. There is a state mandated 7 days stray hold that must be adhered to.” Once the stray hold is up, then the dog can be vetted and neutered and put up for adoption.

“He is safe & sound at the animal shelter where he will be well cared for during his stay with us. Our focus is to find who dumped him in the park, locked in a carrier that was too small for him, on a cold day without regard to his health or well-being. Thank you for your help!”