MONTCLAIR, N.J. – Montclair Councilor At-Large Peter Yacobellis announced the launch of an online fundraiser to support Ukrainian refugees. The announcement follows Yacobellis’ recent collaboration with the local clergy association on a candlelight vigil attended by 100 people last week.

“Like all of you, my heart has been in my stomach since last week as we’re bearing witness to the most alarming conflict in Europe since World War II. In just a few days over 500,000 Ukrainians have had to flee their homes, upend their lives, and evacuate their own country, carrying only what they can. Knowing the generosity that is imbedded in the fabric of Montclair, I thought we could rally everyone to help these innocent people with critical care that they’ll need when they safely get across these borders,” said Yacobellis.

As of the afternoon of February 28th – just over 24 hours since the program’s launch on Saturday night, the fund was approaching $12,500 raised. All proceeds will go directly to The International Rescue Committee. Per their website, The International Rescue Committee exists to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.

“The International Rescue Committee is able to quickly deploy mobile medical units to the European Union nations west of Ukraine who are receiving and helping refugees. In fact, every $500 raised covers the cost of deploying one mobile medical unit. That means that so far, the people of Montclair have contributed enough funding to cover the deployment of 24 mobile medical units to those nations to aid our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up,” said Yacobellis.

The fund will remain open indefinitely.

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  1. I like Peter, he seems very engaged. He floated another idea on Instagram the other night that I think is totally off base. He said he was “looking into” pulling the operating license for the Lukoil in Upper Montclair. Newark just did the same for two Lukoil locations there. The idea is that Lukoil North America is a subsidiary of Russian oil/gas company PJSC Lukoil which has close ties to Putin. The gas stations are owned independently, mostly by first and 2nd generation Americans with no connection whatsoever to Russia. To put them out of business, and their employees out of work, to score some political points is ridiculous. It will have next to zero effect on Russia and will be life changing for the business owner. One of the owners in Newark even came out to say that the gas he buys is from Phillips 66, an American company.

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