Montclair, NJ – Remember when the Montclair master plan came out and it included a traffic light at Watchung Plaza. That was back in 2013. Fast forward to 2022 and we are still talking about the Montclair intersection we love to avoid, although some experts back in 2007 thought differently.

“Something has to change at this treacherous intersection. Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager and I are drafting a Resolution to put before the Council to ask Essex County to study the area and pursue improvements to traffic/pedestrian safety and circulation,” said Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis on Facebook Monday. Yacobellis also posted the photo below illustrating the challenges navigating the intersection can present.

Will Watchung Plaza intersection get its long-promised makeover? Photo: Councilor Yacobellis (Facebook)

What do you think? Does the Watchung Avenue/Watchung Plaza intersection need a makeover? And is it worse than the other complicated Montclair intersection at where Fullerton, Bloomfield Avenue and Church Street converge (this one is already on a list of intersections receiving upgrades from Essex County)?

2 replies on “Will This Montclair Intersection Finally Get A Makeover?”

  1. can we please find out where the flashing light pedestrian crossing sign at bloomfield ave and midland ave went? i saw 5 cars go through the crosswalk while 2 pedestrians were crossing. smh. just because the curb was extended doesn’t mean we don’t need the flashing sign.

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