Merci, Jennifer Levine

Both as subject matter and as artist, women are the focal point of this exhibition. Featuring works by eight prominent individuals working across various mediums, the show explores the spaces women inhabit— considering spirituality, physicality, societal behaviors in the domestic and non-domestic spheres.

On display are works from four Montclair artists Ellen Goellner, Jennifer Levine, Lori Field, Amy Putman, as well as Dara Goldman, Danielle Scott, Andrea McKenna, and Cheryl Gross.

Sister in Red, Amy Putnam

Montclair mixed media artist Amy Putman is exhibiting her Three Sisters Series. This show is especially meaningful to Putman as one of her three sisters, Dara Goldman, also an artist, is exhibiting with her.

“The reason this show is so special to me is, my sister Dara, who was a childrens’ book writer and illustrator her whole life had a brain aneurysm rupture three years ago. She was in a coma for three months, locked in for a few months more, and now her left side is completely paralyzed. She has been learning the iPad and relearning to draw. She will have 15 pieces in this first show since it happened. And it’s our first show together. She is my hero.” says Putman.

Dara’s poignant iPad drawings are the heart and soul of this group show, Of Women, By Women: Strength in Vulnerability, says Montclair curator Kathy Imlay, of Imlay Gallery. “Focusing on transforming herself, Dara transforms the viewer as well — and allows us to experience Art’s capacity to heal.”

Zebra, Dara Goldman

“My sisters gave me an ipad in the hospital and an apple pencil to draw with. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I am working my way back using Sketchbook. I work on my art all day long and it keeps me challenged and it’s helping me heal. I like to draw animals and creatures. Each week I choose a theme. Sometimes it might be farm animals. Sometimes it might be birds. Sometimes it might be creatures. It depends on what tools I’m using. iPad tutorials help me learn the tools and the brushes and the layers. One day I would like to publish my new work in a book.”

– Dara Goldman

Collectively and individually, these artists take on a multitude of roles simultaneously; as business owners, mothers, activists, caregivers, wives, and teachers. Due to recent events, all have navigated through a time that has led to both growth and struggle in their personal and artistic lives, which is evident in each body of work. What becomes clear is the focus on transforming themselves and the world through a distinctly feminine lens wherein vulnerability is strength.

Devoted, Ellen Goellner

Curated by Montclair’s Kathy Imlay of Imlay Gallery, the show runs through June 1, 2022

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 6pm-8pm
Spiro Harrison MRLW 363 Bloomfield Ave. Suite 2C, Montclair
Open to the public. To view the exhibition call for an appointment: 973-744-2100