Montclair, NJ – If you are driving or walking downtown, you likely have seen the new traffic lights installed by Essex County along Bloomfield Avenue. The lights are in different stages of operation. Some new lights and pedestrian signals are still bagged over and not ready for prime time. Others, like the very welcome and much needed one at Midland Avenue, are working well and keeping pedestrians safe.

Midland Avenue and Bloomfield is now a controlled intersection and safe for pedestrians. Remember, No Right on Red here.

We alerted Essex County Dept. of Public Works to two intersections where the new traffic light and the pedestrian signal are not in sync. For instance, at Bloomfield Avenue and Orange Road, pedestrians will get a green light but also a red hand signal telling them not to cross. We noticed the same issue at North Mountain and Bloomfield Avenue.

These pedestrians received mixed signals when crossing Bloomfield Avenue.

Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis tells us the Township has also gotten a few issues fixed as a result of the change, including getting a one way sign covered so people don’t turn onto oncoming traffic at Glenridge Avenue.

“Look both ways and be extra careful crossing and driving on Bloomfield Ave,” says Yacobellis. “It’s a whole new system and everything is being done without closing the street to traffic.

Yacobellis adds that paving and striping still has to happen, which will help make navigating streets easier.