Eighteen of 21 counties in New Jersey — or most of the state — are reporting a high risk for transmission of COVID. So why is it that some people — maybe you — have successfully avoided COVID through Delta, Omicron and now the latest BA.4 and BA.5 variants.

Counties in New Jersey still at risk for high transmission of COVID make up most of the state. Source: CDC

With many municipalities including Montclair no longer reporting cases and many people testing at home and not self reporting, it’s hard to know how many new cases. What’s harder to find are people who have not ever had COVID. Some are calling them NOVIDs or COVID virgins.

Scientists are studying these lucky individuals who have managed to dodge the virus for over two years.

If you’ve never seen more than one line on a home COVID test, scientists want to study you.

A lower risk of contracting COVID is attributed to vaccination, genetic makeup, working from home, and being ultra compliant with masking and social distancing. But how do you explain the people who were exposed to someone at home or for extended periods and do not contract COVID. Take our poll and let us know your COVID scorecard. And if you have successfully avoided COVID, what’s your secret?