The New Jersey Sales Tax Holiday, which began Saturday and runs through Sept. 5, will waive New Jersey’s 6.625% sales tax on a range of supplies, including certain computers ($3000 and under( and school computer supplies such as computer storage equipment, printers, and personal digital assistants ($1000 and under), as well as notebooks, art supplies and sports equipment.

“Back-to-school shopping can be stressful on its own, but it can be even more stressful for those parents, students, and teachers who are struggling to make ends meet,” said Governor Murphy. “As inflation remains a central worry, this sales tax holiday is one of the ways in which we are prioritizing affordability for our families. This holiday will cut the cost for the most essential items needed for educational success and help make New Jersey more affordable.”

You can find a list of all eligible items here. It pays to stock up now because there is no limit on how many eligible items an individual customer may purchase during the Sales Tax Holiday.

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  1. New Jersey couldn’t cut the gas tax when gas was over $5/gallon, but give a tax break on school supplies? Thanks?

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