The minute I heard the news, the song MacArthur Park and the plaintive lyric “I’ll never have that recipe again…” was all I could hear.

If you recently had pizza at Bivio Pizza Napoletana, count yourself among the lucky ones. You got a last chance piece of pizza perfection before Bivio announced it was closing its doors, after bringing amazing pizza to Montclair’s Pine Street in 2017.

Here’s the official message from Bivio:

Ciao a tutti,
The time has come…
After nearly five years of offering true pizza Napoletana in Montclair, Bivio will be closing our doors as of September 17, 2022.

Bivio has been a wonderful journey for Jackie and me. Our vision of opening a small authentic pizzeria in June 2011 has exceeded all of our hopes and dreams.

It has been our pleasure to serve our guests/friends with the best quality ingredients available to offer a true pizza Napoletana. We thank all of you for your support and you will always remain special to us. A huge shout out of thanks to our wonderful staff who made the dream possible and were always there for us, you are truly family. Finally, we’d like to thank all the food writers for the articles and awards acknowledging Bivio as one of the best pizze Napoletana in the area.

Jackie and I have now reached a crossroad (un bivio) and look forward to the next chapter, another journey perhaps. This has been a bittersweet decision, much like a Napoletana espresso, bitter until tasting the sweetness of the unstirred sugar at the bottom of the demi tasse, like life – And so it goes…
Grazie mille e tante auguri !!

Tommaso, Jackie and la bambina (our natural yeast)

Chef-owner Tomasso Colao is in Italy now, but will have more to say when he returns. Fingers crossed, there is more pizza in his (and our) futures.