Montclair’s DeCamp riders who were interested in the Boxcar service learned Thursday that they will be able to ride the Essex Express starting April 10. Here’s the announcement from Boxcar:

We understand that the suspension of DeCamp’s services has left many of you searching for reliable transportation options. We are excited to announce that Boxcar is stepping in to fill a part of this gap and ensure your commute remains as smooth as possible. Announcing the “Essex Express!”

Starting April 10th, Boxcar will be operating 10 buses every morning between 5:30 am and 10:30 am, and 10 buses every evening between 3:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Initially, our service will only operate Monday-Friday..

Boxcar’s ticket pricing will be as follows:
Members: $8.99 per ride
Non-members: $13.49 per ride
Membership is $29.99 per month

The route will follow Bloomfield Ave from West Caldwell through Montclair, then take DeCamp’s previous route up Park Ave and Valley Ave to Route 3. Boxcar will make the same stops along this route as DeCamp did.

The email states that Boxcar is also working to partner with property owners with excess parking along this route in the hopes that if you do not live within walking distance, we will be able to provide affordable parking for you to park and ride.

To receive information and to sign up for Boxcar services, you can join Boxcar’s “Essex Express” group here.

Councilor Peter Yacobellis said he had spoken with Boxcar and had put them in touch with Verona officials.

“I am glad to see better rates being advertised and this becoming an option for some people. However, I think the rates are still out of reach for many others and that we will still need NJ Transit to pick up these routes to truly fill the gap. I suggest folks still contact NJ Transit to offer that feedback,” said Yacobellis.

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