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Montclair, NJ – The end of DeCamp is coming and commuters will not be happy.

DeCamp Bus Lines announced Monday it will end commuter services to and from New York City effective April 7, 2023. The company will no longer operate service on bus routes: 33, 66/66R, 44, 99, 88, 32, and 100. The bus line will continue to operate daily charter, shuttle, and casino services.

DeCamp vice president Jonathan R. DeCamp says NJ Transit was informed that DeCamp would cease service.

“As to their intent and what they will do with the lines I don’t know,” says Decamp of NJ Transit. Baristanet has reached out to NJ Transit for a response.

DeCamp, in a statement on the decision to cease commuter services, pointed to the severe impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on daily commuting to New York City.

“Despite the company’s best efforts, monthly ridership averages 20% or less of pre-COVID levels. DeCamp has sustained commuter services up to this point, thanks to the various federal and state financial assistance programs. But, without further assistance on the horizon, the economic losses from continued operations of the commuter services are too much to bear.

DeCamp Bus Lines expresses its deepest gratitude to its loyal customers who have trusted the company for their commuting needs throughout the years. Serving commuters has been a pleasure, and the company deeply regrets any inconvenience this decision may cause. The company hopes that its customers can understand the challenging circumstances that led to this decision.”

For commuters seeking alternate commuting options to New York City, DeCamp Bus Lines recommends visiting Unused, unexpired bus tickets can be returned to DeCamp Bus Lines for a refund (see below for information).

DeCamp Bus Lines will continue to provide high-quality transportation services through its daily charter, shuttle, and casino services. The company hopes that its customers will continue to keep DeCamp Bus Lines in mind for their future transportation needs.”

DeCamp Bus Lines, the oldest, privately-owned and operated bus company in New Jersey, has been in the transportation services business since 1870 starting with stagecoaches. A fleet of buses began serving commuters in 1923.

DeCamp Bus Lines has struggled since the start of the pandemic. It ceased service due to effects of the pandemic. Limited service resumed in June 2021. DeCamp increased fares in July 2022, and then expanded limited service in January 2023.

Montclair commuters have complained about DeCamp over the years, but had a soft spot for the bus service, specifically some of the beloved drivers, including longtime bus driver Sal Siano, who made the pages of both The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Customer can mail unused, unexpired tickets to DeCamp Bus Lines with a self-addressed stamped envelope for refunds.

DeCamp Bus Lines
Attn: Refunds
PO Box 581
Montclair, NJ 07042

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  1. Interesting.
    Not the loss of DeCamp service or whether NJT will replace it in part.
    Nor that DeCamp buses used to be provided through NJT and will NJT still subsidize their capital costs.

    No, what is interesting is if the ridership level to NYC just not there, DeCamp service aside. And not just commuting is down. Trips into NYC seem to be down overall. And, if so, are our circulation & mass transit models obsolete?

    Nah. We’re are still full-speed ahead for a state-of-the-art supermarket.

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