Montclair, NJ – It starts with a fun, family ride for donuts, but Montclair Bike Bus, a new grassroots group of Montclair parents dedicated to promoting cycling, is pedaling for lasting change.

Montclair Bike Bus wants to raise awareness of cycling as a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly way of getting to school in the morning. What exactly is a bike bus?

Montclair Bike Bus organizer Andrew Hawkins says think of it as a large group ride to school in the morning featuring kids, parents, and anyone else who wants to join in and lend their support.

When kids and adults ride together, there is safety in numbers, says Hawkins. And, it’s a great way to promote biking in Montclair, and encourage more people to think about the Earth, the environment, safe streets, clean air, and the possibilities of life outside their cars.

Other towns have had success implementing the bike bus concept and with Montclair gearing up to launch a new Vision Zero project around reducing traffic crashes and protecting vulnerable road users, Montclair Bike Bus believes the timing is right and hopes to get Montclair residents from all neighborhoods and walks-of-life involved.

Montclair Bike Bus plans to hold an official kickoff in late April or early May, but you can join a Family Bike Ride event on Saturday, March 25 that will end with doughnuts at Montclair’s Rabble Rise Doughnuts.

Montclair Bike Bus is also in discussions with groups like Bike & Walk Montclair, Montclair Climate Action, and others about Bike Bus supporters taking part in group bike rides and other events around town in the weeks to come.

To find out more, join the Montclair Bike Bus Facebook group and also follow the group on Instagram.