Judy and Josh Weston

I am writing to invite the citizens of Montclair to consider voting for a longtime Montclair resident and a leading member of the community, 94-year-old Josh Weston, to be elected and inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Josh is listed on the ballot under “Enterprise” for his very successful career as the chief executive and chairman of ADP and as a great humanitarian and philanthropist.

Along with his late wife, Judy, the Westons supported many worthwhile charities and not-for-profits – including a number of Montclair-based nonprofits and the Montclair public schools. Voting is open until May 18 – and you can vote only once.

Those interested in voting can do so by following these easy steps: (1) Using your search engine page, go to; 2) That will take you to the site where you can vote – type in your email address and you can vote; (3) Josh Weston is the last name in the “Enterprise” category … you can also vote for others in each of the listed categories.

I hope that many readers will take the time to vote for Josh. We need hundreds of votes to ensure his election into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. It is a fitting way to honor a man of great achievement who has helped improve the quality of life for Montclair residents, citizens of New Jersey and the United States – and select regions around the world. The results of the elections will be known in June.

Donald H. Bowers

Three Bridges,
New Jersey