On Tuesday, May 9, an employee of Lukoil Gas Station on Valley Road reported that an older model white Ford Crown Victoria pulled into the service station and requested gas. The attendant filled the vehicle, totaling $61, then walked to the window to retrieve payment. When he arrived at the window the driver stated “thanks” then drove off. The attendant chased the vehicle on foot in an attempt to note the license plate. He was only able to obtain a partial NJ registration of XLY. The car was last seen traveling north on Valley Road.

The following additional activity has been reported by Montclair Police in their weekly blotter.


Tuesday, May 9: A resident reported that an 18k gold ring was delivered to his residence on Claremont Avenue. Before he was able to secure the package, it was stolen from his porch. The ring was encrusted with multiple small diamonds and was valued at approximately $1,300.



Saturday, May 13: A resident reported that she was missing $200 from her purse. The resident checked the surveillance camera and discovered that at approximately 1:56 a.m., the feet of an unknown individual were seen walking up to the kitchen door of her residence on Eagle Rock Way. The screen door is opened and then the individual opens the main kitchen door. The individual then enters the kitchen. He exits the home two minutes later. Due to the camera angle, no description could be obtained. The purse was located in the kitchen.



Saturday, May 13: Officers responded to the area of Bloomfield Avenue and Midland Avenue on a report of a male running in and out of traffic. Upon arrival, they located a male who reported being sprayed in the face with pepper spray. The male reported that the attack was random and described the suspect only as a female. She was last seen walking east on Bloomfield Avenue.



Wednesday, May 10: A 46-year-old male from Montclair was charged with disorderly conduct following a disturbance in Watchung Plaza.