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Glenfield Middle School’s spring musical “Tuck Everlasting.”

Over the weekend, more than 80 Glenfield Middle School students joined together to present the school’s spring musical, “Tuck Everlasting.” 

The students had been rehearsing and preparing for the show since September, according to a press release from the school. 

More than 600 guests attended the evening productions on Friday and Saturday, watching the coming of age story about a young girl who is faced with the decision of living forever or following the course of life as planned. The cast also performed the show for the student body on Thursday and Friday, the press release says.

“This is a wonderful story that embodies the variety of themes experienced by pre-teens throughout the journey of discovering their identity: love, family, loyalty, life, death and growing up,” the release says. 

Several Glenfield teachers were instrumental in the show’s success, after eight months of preparation. The onstage performances, light and sound were managed by theater arts, vocal and dance teachers, Tom Lupfer, Gayle Fuentes and Julia Sprung, the release says. Visual art and consumer science teachers Amy Cohen, Shelley Stebbins and Keeley Flack worked with the tech crew to design the sets and costumes. Music teacher Jonathan Ward also played drums with the orchestra in the pit for each performance.

“It is an honor and a privilege to work with such a talented group of educators and students,” principal Erika Pierce said in the release. “Our superior student talent and award winning performances are what makes the Glenfield Middle School experience so unique. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by audience members after shows asking if ‘these kids are really in middle school.’ Once I say yes, the statement is always followed by, ‘They should be on Broadway!’”

One day before the show premiered to students, Pierce and vice principal Vincent Pelli told families that a prop rifle featured in the show would no longer be used after discussions with stakeholders about the fake weapon.

Among those attending the weekend productions were several Montclair Board of Education members: president Allison Silverstein, Eric Scherzer, Brian Fleischer and Melanie Deysher. 

“The production blew me away,” Deysher said in the release. “The level of the performance was fantastic.”

Donations to the Glenfield performing arts program can be made through the program’s online fundraiser.

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