Joyce Sun  (right) with Jeopardy’s Mayim Bialik. Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions.

Bloomfield, NJ  — Joyce Sun of Bloomfield will be appearing on Jeopardy! airing next Wednesday, May 24th.

“I can’t say more about the episode until after it airs, except to say that for fans of the show, it will be dramatic and worth watching,” says Sun.

Sun started watching Jeopardy! in the late 1980s after Alex Trebek started hosting the show.

“Right away I was a big fan of the show and had fun watching it with my family, friends and classmates, and calling out the answers,” recalls Sun. “Then there was a long period of about 25 years when I was working long hours as a lawyer and commuting to NYC on DeCamp and NJ Transit, and was never home in time to catch the show.”

After retiring, Sun started watching Jeopardy! again and discovered there was an online 50-question test called the “Anytime Test” that prospective contestants could take online at their convenience.

Sun says she was just after bragging rights with her husband when she took the test one day.

“But then I learned I had passed to the next stage, which was another 50-question test proctored by a show staff member over Zoom. And then, after that, I had a Zoom “game play audition” with several other candidates to have a mock game using pens as our buzzers,” says Sun.

Almost a year went by after that Zoom audition before Sun was surprised with a call to be on the show.

Tune in tomorrow to watch Sun compete on JEOPARDY! at 7 p.m. on WABC-TV (ABC).