four digital print designs for the montclair film festival

Montclair Film just revealed the artwork for this year’s Montclair Film Festival. The design, created by Montclair-based creative agency, Hiker, aimed to capture the energetic and exciting representation of the annual festival.

The design combines words that capture the feel of the festival, including connect, excite, inspire and explore and their corresponding visual sound waves in combination with phrases that embody the power of film on the big screen, such as Cinema Opens Worlds and Cinema Sparks Dreams. To promote the festival, four different posters have been created.

“The design language is inspired by risographs,” said designer Nayeon Lee from Hiker. “It’s a printing technique derived from a specific brand of Japanese printer that just looks cool to me. And I wanted to make something exciting, which is why the design incorporates sound waves and bright colors. The soundwaves are based on real words – inspire, connect, excite, explore – which all circle back to how we relate to cinema.”

The Montclair Film Festival, now in its 12th year, will take place from October 20-29, 2023. The complete festival schedule will be announced at the end of September. Members can secure their tickets starting October 2, with general ticket sales opening on October 6.

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