On August 25, while walking her dog through Carey’s Woods, a woman flagged down a patrol officer and reported that she observed an unidentified male who appeared to be masturbating. She stated that once she realized what the male was doing, she quickly turned around and walked back to her vehicle. She stated that at no time, did the male make any motions or remarks towards her, and that from her vantage point, it did not appear the male involved had any clear line of sight towards the park or any other individuals. The suspect, a male in his early to mid-thirties, approximately 5’9”-5’11” tall, 170-190 pounds, with shoulder-length dark hair, was wearing a dark pink baseball cap, dark-colored sweatshirt and blue sweatpants.

The following additional activity has been reported by Montclair Police in their weekly blotter.


September 6 (Greenwood Avenue): The complainant reported that she received a
notification that an Amazon purchase had been delivered to her apartment vestibule. She
reported that she went downstairs to the first floor to retrieve the package from the vestibule area and discovered that it was no longer there. The package order contained approximately $200.00 in miscellaneous goods.

September 9 (Bloomfield Avenue): Management at Whole Foods reported three females entered the market and stole $1,080.00 worth of beauty products.

September 10 (Park Street): The victim reported that his accountant dropped off four
packages of tax returns on his front step amongst Amazon packages that were already there. At approximately 7:22 PM, surveillance footage shows an unknown dark colored male in dark clothing cut across the lawn carrying what appears to be food warming bags. The male takes possession of the tax returns. He appears to fiddle with the Amazon packages but leaves them behind.


September 9 (Westview Road): The resident reported that he and his wife were awoken at approximately 5:00 AM by a loud crashing noise. While investigating, he observed his 2018 Audi S3 pulling out of his driveway. The suspect used a large cobblestone to shatter the window on the rear door. One entry was made, the suspects removed the keys to the Audi from the kitchen and fled. Surveillance footage shows a small silver SUV (Ford Edge or similar) parked outside the residence, occupied by at least four individuals. At approximately 05:03 AM, two suspects ran to the rear of the residence. At the rear of the residence, suspect one is seen checking the back door, which is locked, while suspect two then throws the cobblestone block, which causes the rear door to shatter. Suspect two is then seen entering the residence while suspect one waits at the rear door. Suspect two retrieves the key from the kitchen island approximately ten feet from the rear door. Both suspects are then seen leaving the rear yard. Suspect one – male with dark hair, thin build, 5’10” – 6’00” tall, wearing a black mask, a gray Nike hooded sweatshirt with a stripe across chest, light-colored pants and dark-colored shoes. Suspect two – male, thin build, 5’8”-5’11” tall, wearing a light-colored ski mask, light-colored “BMW M Series” sweatshirt, light-colored pants, and black and white sneakers. The Audi was recovered later in the day in Newark, parked and unoccupied.

Motor Vehicle Crime

September 9 (Macopin Avenue): The resident reported that his wife’s purse was taken
from his 2010 Audi Q5. Surveillance shows an unidentified male enter onto the property on a bicycle. He enters the unlocked vehicle, rummages through it, and takes the purse. Multiple charges were placed on the credit cards before it could be canceled.

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