I didn’t hold myself back? I’d be wearing pink champagne every day!

The winning response by @aldelorenzi

Bobbi Brown’s beauty line, Jones Road, is beloved for its clean, high-quality ingredients and its line of “hero products” that work wonders on every skin type and tone, making you look like the best version of yourself. But, it’s clear from the responses received in our “what if” contest that Bobbi Brown herself is a hero, too, inspiring and encouraging people to embrace their uniqueness and pursue their dreams. 

We received so many great responses, and we hope this contest and Bobbi’s philosophy will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

We are thrilled to announce that @aldelorenzi has won our contest! Although her response was randomly chosen, we absolutely loved it!

Jones Road “What if” Contest Reader Responses:

  • What if it’s never too late to follow our dream, go back to school, learn a new language, write a book?
  • What if I went to Paris for Christmas? 
  • “What if I fall, oh but my darling, what if you fly?”
  • What if my dream publisher produced my second book about women in the arts?💫 I’d wear the Platinum Pink Kit for my second book tour!!💖🌸
  • What if…we got a dog?
  • What if I finally got my PhD and worked towards a new career?
  • What if the next chapter is even better than the last because great things happen after 70?
  • What if my children’s book gets published and is such a hit that I get to read in the big red chair at the library next year & travel around the country reading & having charity events for multiple sclerosis & having my MS journey help others? I like the “what if” game. I’m smiling a lot. I think I’ll do this more. 🤎
  • What if the best is still to come!?
  • What if…people recognized that The Montclair Inn is a true and affordable safe haven for older adults who want to continue to live in Montclair? What if they understood that the Inn was built in 1855 and is always in need of repairs? What if they listened to the stories of our precious residents who struggle with aging and so many other issues? What if…
  • What if I opened a vintage store 🙌 with @princesscbanana?
  • What if I tapped more into my childlike sense of wonder and didn’t let my life experiences jade my thinking of what’s possible?
  • What if I put away fears of failure and pursued my dreams? That in itself would be a success!
  • What if the best is yet to come in my 50s & beyond?!! 💪🏽❤️🙏🏽
  • What if I find a new career in my 50s, and it’s the best career choice for me, and it has nothing to do with my old career?
  • What if I didn’t see the great giveaway?
  • What if I’m still creating and living my best life now? You know what, that’s exactly what I’m doing!
  • What if I actually remembered to head to Jones Road for a refill on my “Pretty” lipstick at a time the store was actually open?
  • What if…I didn’t hold myself back? I’d be wearing pink champagne every day!
  • What if people sincerely practice tolerance and empathy, listen to one another, and truly hear and care what and how the other feels, to try to find some common ground and respect for one another, and a sincere belief that we are all equal? And what if we speak out and stand up for and protect one another, with love and respect?
  • What if I decided to leave my career as a nurse and reinvent myself? Healthcare is so important but…..
  • What if I took my handmade soap business to the next level and created a website, rented a great space to make and sell, and it really took off!? What if I wasn’t so afraid? 
  • What if… people stopped trying to fit young women into impossible beauty standards and let them each define their own?
  • What if I spend Christmas in Rome wearing the pink champagne kit with my husband? I have never been to Europe, and Rome is one of my dream places to visit.
  • What if… I could eliminate imposter syndrome and really get out there and make a change?

You can purchase Jones Road products at jonesroadbeauty.com

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