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Montclair 150: Gardens connect to community

Montclair is full of wonderful gardens that are open to the public.

MONTCLAIR 150: Strange and Quirky Montclair

From unique traditions and history, to strange hauntings and discoveries, Montclair has some interesting lore. The following stories are just some of Montclair’s interesting history.

Montclair 150: A town on the move, since 1868

An overview of the story of Montclair, from historian Mike Farrelly.

MONTCLAIR 150: More notable athletes who call Montclair home

by Andrew Gardagarda@montclairlocal.newsFormulating a list can be a daunting task, especially in Montclair where there’s a long list of amazing athletes. That was the...

Montclair 150: In business – Some closed; others stood test of time

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI tripoldi@montclairlocal.news Beginning in the 1850s, businesses opened in what is now Montclair reflecting the needs of a rural community. As the Industrial...

Montclair 150: Another Saturday night in Montclair

Since its founding, Montclair has enjoyed the arts on a Saturday night.

MONTCLAIR 150: Neighbors, then and now

By Kelly Nicholaidesfor Montclair LocalA peek into Montclair’s past provides insight into people who put the township on the map from the late 1800s...

MONTCLAIR 150: Second life for Montclair gems

By Frank Gerard Godlewski for Montclair LocalMontclair is a triumphal legacy of architecture and design, fittingly called in 1922, “the finest suburban town in the...

Montclair 150: How Montclair’s schools came to be

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsFew institutions have been as important to the life of Montclair as its schools.The last 150 years have seen Montclair’s schools change...

Montclair 150: Dozens of greats who have played sports in Montclair

by Andrew Gardagarda@montclairlocal.newsMontclair has produced more than its fair share of fantastic athletes. Over the years, the three high schools — Montclair High School,...