On Saturday June 26, at 2 p.m. Aging In Montclair's Saturday Social will have a virtual presentation by the Environmental Committee of the Montclair Area League of Women Voters about simple changes that can reduce our carbon footprint, and will offer 20 easy things to do to help fight climate change.

"Many of us are concerned about climate change and what environmental legacy we are passing on to our children and grandchildren. Here are some statistics you may not know: the average home generates twice as much carbon as the average car; household electronics, when turned off but plugged in, can add 20% to your utility bill; if we all switched to LED light bulbs the reduction in greenhouse gases would be equal to emissions from eight million cars; stopping junk mail could cut greenhouse gases by 114 billion pounds," the announcement about the event said.

The event will have a half-hour recorded presentation by League of Women Voters member Elle Moser, followed by a live discussion and Q&A section lead by Rikke Beal, a member of the Environmental Committee.

To attend this program, email AIM at aginginmontclairAIM@gmail.com by June 24 to receive a Zoom link.