Mayor Sean M. Spiller appointed Allison Silverstein to the Montclair Board of Education on Aug. 24. 

The parent of two Montclair public school students, Silverstein has been involved in the community since moving to Montclair in 2009. This includes serving on the Nishuane PTA, the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, and the School Action Team for Partnership.

Silverstein, a graduate of Rutgers University, is a practicing attorney and holds a JD from the Boston University School of Law.

“Ms. Silverstein’s breadth of experience, commitment to our public schools and advocacy for students with special needs drove my decision to appoint her to the Board of Education vacancy created by the resignation of another tremendous advocate, former board member Anne Mernin,” said Spiller. "I am confident that she will be part of a team working to ensure that our public schools provide the very best education for every Montclair student." 

While a number of excellent candidates spoke with Spiller regarding this position, filling the void created by Mernin leaving the board was a strong consideration.